Come and discover all the camping pitches on the Costa Brava

Tired of France? Want to take a look at the neighbor? Make your reservation for Spain, for a camping pitches in Spain, for your holidays.Camping on the Costa Brava!If you fancy camping by the sea, take a trip to Spain, direction Lloret del Mar. Various rental accommodation awaits you, such as mobile homes and chalets with comfortable rooms. To be more in contact with nature, pitches are also available. In this 4-star campsite, quality offers and services will be [...]

Greece boasts of some of the most beautiful coastal views

Yes, to go to Greece is to visit Athens and its Acropolis, to party in Mykonos and bask on the known beaches of the Cyclades. So a boat rental in mykonos to enjoy the beauty of the place.Cruise in Greece by sailboat: no risk of complaining about the heatIt's no secret, in Greece, if it's always beautiful, it can also be very hot. In summer the thermometer can quickly reach 30 ° C, 40 ° C, sometimes even 45 ° C in the shade. But sailing forget [...]

The jacuzzi tub : Sizes, Designs and Styles

A balneo bathtub (or outdoor jacuzzi) is a bathtub equipped with several orifices which evacuate and collect hot water with a suction mechanism. The continuous loop present by absorbing and expelling water induces a soft and pleasant massage throughout the body, in addition to a delicious relax produced by the heat, the aromatic salts and the foaming effect of the water.This massage effect extends the usual use of the conventional bathtub, where from a simple hygiene process, it (jacuzzis for sale) [...]

A wide range of boat rentals at different prices

Renting a boat is a practice that is not as complicated as it seems. It is available online and has great advantages, and for the price, it's really not that expensive after all.The budget for boat rentalIt all depends on the size and type of boat, but a boat rental for the day is 50 euros for 7 hours of time. We have weekend rental, which will depend on the type of boat, but on average it does not exceed 1,000 euros. And then the weekly rental formula between 3,000 [...]

Samboat offers you easy boat rentals

We followed the interview with one of the founders of Samboat, and finding a boat is totally accessible to everyone. We will talk about some steps to follow on renting a boat.Which boat to choose?The charm of this type of holiday is that you can get a boat rental of almost any size. From the smallest, for 1-2 people, to a large comfortable catamaran with many cabins and equipment for comfort and relaxation, such as a barbecue. It all depends on preferences and [...]

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