Offer yourself a helicopter trip

Treat yourself or offer yourself a helicopter trip to the region you love. Rediscover the monuments you respect, the landscapes of your youth or the villages of the region in the air. The briefing is over. When the presentation of this gadget is finished, the pilot teacher will equip you with a headset. More informations : .Get in the helicopter's cockpit and take off to take a moment. The sensations of a helicopter flight will be incomparable and will allow you to escape for the duration of a flight.

Make your flight in a fighter plane!

This extraordinary experience no longer only concerns the elite of fighter pilots. We propose you to climb into the cockpit of a fighter plane and make your very first trip for a thrill trip of 45mn, 30mn and even 60mn. This experience will bring you all the senses of the fighter pilot and sensations you will not soon forget! For a trial lesson helicopter, contact a professionnal. Our partners have been selected by us for their reliability and the quality of the solutions. Experience a special adventure on board a fighter aircraft. Hurry to more than 300 km / h and enjoy the sensations offered by aerobatics and load factors. This incredible experience is no longer reserved for the elite of fighter pilots. These days, we are also offering you the opportunity to make your first flight and climb into the cockpit of a real fighter aircraft.

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