Greece boasts of some of the most beautiful coastal views

Yes, to go to Greece is to visit Athens and its Acropolis, to party in Mykonos and bask on the known beaches of the Cyclades. So a boat rental in mykonos to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Cruise in Greece by sailboat: no risk of complaining about the heat

It's no secret, in Greece, if it's always beautiful, it can also be very hot. In summer the thermometer can quickly reach 30 ° C, 40 ° C, sometimes even 45 ° C in the shade. But sailing forget about sweat and heat! Enjoy the gentle breeze of the wind to relax on your sailboat with skipper. And to refresh yourself after a small nap silky, you will just jump into the crystal clear water around you. Practice is not it to visit Greece by sailing!

Traveling among breathtaking landscapes

From the arid mountains of Kalymnos, to the tropical and wild coast of Samothrace, to heavenly beaches with fine Corfu sand ... there is something for everyone in Greece. Well settled on the deck of your boat, admire the diversity of Greek landscapes, very different from one island or region to another.

Change islands and cities every day

One of the advantages of a sailing cruise in Greece is above all the ability to change islands or cities every day in no time. No need to take a ferry, train or plane to get around your different destinations. All Greek islands and ports are relatively close to each other. In just a few hours of sailing, you are already in another island or city. A real advantage to save time and to visit Greece without breaking the bank.

So, for those who do not want to do the same circuit as thousands of other tourists, a cruise in Greece sailing is ideal for exploring all the unknown wonders of the country.

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