Samboat offers you easy boat rentals

We followed the interview with one of the founders of Samboat, and finding a boat is totally accessible to everyone. We will talk about some steps to follow on renting a boat.

Which boat to choose?

The charm of this type of holiday is that you can get a boat rental of almost any size. From the smallest, for 1-2 people, to a large comfortable catamaran with many cabins and equipment for comfort and relaxation, such as a barbecue. It all depends on preferences and wishes. For example, if you want to get in touch with nature and spend time outdoors, you can rent a sailboat that does not have a high speed and moves because of the wind.

For lovers of anything unusual, you can charter a catamaran or trimaran. These are ships with several floating bases connected to each other. The rumor that such a vehicle is slow is outdated. Today, everything has evolved and the idea of how to rent a boat will find a wide choice to satisfy everyone's needs.

In addition, there is much more space on such a vessel, both inside and on deck, and the pitch is much less felt, which can have a beneficial effect on the rest level. It is true to take into account the fact that mooring such vessels requires much more space than usual.

Where to go on a boat?

Having your own ship is the maximum freedom of choice. Where to go on a yacht to relax is yours. There are dozens of proven tourist itineraries, both in countries and cities and in exotic places, they are only advice, but you can create your own adventure.

When choosing or planning an itinerary on a yacht, there are several important points to remember, but when talking about borders, it is not necessary to think that a sea voyage will remain invisible to the regulatory authorities of the different countries.

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