Unusual activities to do in Auvergne

Do you want to enjoy an extraordinary stay? Why not go to Auvergne and take advantage of the unusual activities offered there? Whether for a weekend or a week, you will have an unforgettable stay in this magnificent destination. Here are some unusual discoveries that you could make during your stay.

Fly over Super-Besse in a Zipline

There is a giant Zipline with 240 meters of vertical drop to allow you to fly over the Super-Besse resort. You can enjoy the descent solo or in pairs aboard a chairlift. You can do this activity in summer and winter. This activity is aimed mainly at people over 12 years old. You will fly over the Sancy massif at more than 40 meters high at a speed of 120 km / h.

Go for a hike with a donkey in Combrailles

Do you like beautiful walks? The Volc ’Ânes asinerie in Saint-Gervais-d'Auvergne has a rather unusual stroll for you: a hike alongside a donkey. Yes, an equine is at your disposal to help you transport your luggage. It also brings enthusiasm to your walk: discovering the Combrailles in the Puys range will be a little out of the ordinary.

Test sleigh trips

The landscapes of Sancy are magnificent. Discover them on a dog sled. To enjoy a more magical atmosphere, the ideal is to take the walk in winter. You have the choice between a roller sled and a cani-hike. You can also opt for a walk in the company of one or two dogs. For 1 hour 30 minutes, you will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Auvergne.

Fly aboard a paramotor to admire the beauty of "Little Tuscany"

This activity is for all thrill seekers. If you still have the urge to fly and your heart is set, don't miss this activity. Rest assured, there is nothing dangerous about this activity. You will have the chance to fly over "little Tuscany of Auvergne" with a paramotor. A paraglider takes over if the engine fails, so you don't risk anything.

Test the all-terrain scooter

If you appreciate the sensations of sliding, playing with a motor scooter will be one of your favorite activities in Auvergne. This scooter will allow you to explore the Lioran adventure park with peace of mind. The machine is easily mastered after one or two tries. The activity is accessible to people over 14 years old. Prices vary depending on when you visit the park.

Look for amethysts

If you love minerals, make an appointment with Magaile and Jonathan, and become amethyst seekers for a day. You will walk along the wooded slopes that border the Pégut ravine. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours during which you will learn more about the history of these beautiful pink stones. You can equip yourself with the necessary tools to mine gems. If you find a sample, you can keep it as a souvenir of your visit.

Rent a treehouse in Auvergne

To make your stay in Auvergne the most exceptional, choose accommodation that is out of the ordinary. So forget about hotels and guesthouses. Go to a campsite to find unusual accommodation. If you've ever slept in a tent, bungalow or mobile home, don't worry, campsites Auvergne France can offer you other types of rentals. To stay close to nature and have a panoramic view of the surroundings, take to the skies by booking a stay in a tree house in Auvergne. Located in the middle of a green landscape, the tree house allows you to experience your holidays differently. Are you worried about your safety and comfort? Be sure. The treehouse in Auvergne is solid. It has bedrooms, a kitchen and also a living room. Comfort is thus there. So, if the experience tempts you, do not delay in making your reservation, as there are many vacationers looking for an unusual stay.

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