Looking into the culture of the Island Of St Barts


Very often the arrival in Gustavia, is done by the port, with its many coffee terraces for a breakfast in the rising sun, here in the Antilles we get up early, arriving in particular from the landing stage where early in the morning takes place the traditional fish market, you can meet the local population, speaking the dialect between them ... and for the occasion admire the richness of the Caribbean waters, to remember at lunchtime, in one of 20 restaurants in Gustavia. Enjoy here as nowhere else, the luxury boutiques and French fashion in the city center, all grouped together, which make the city the most luxurious in the Caribbean. But also a place for surfers with renowned boutiques, and a shipshandler unique in the West Indies.

Here is a visit to the historic monuments of Gustavia and the surrounding area

- The Wall House Museum

The municipal museum of Saint-Barthélemy is located at the tip of Gustavia, it is a large stone building, the largest on the island, it houses the first large collection of objects, photos and documents from the island (sociological, ethnological, economic and natural data, and this from the Arawak Indians). This in a recent restoration of a historic monument, a house dating from the Swedish era. Souvenirs and images of the often harsh past of Saint-Barthélemy, museum of the history of the island, its geography, and its tourist development, its flora and fauna, it is a testimony for generations future. The upstairs houses the island’s library, and in the courtyard you can discover the ruins of a stone and brick bread oven.

Behind the Wall House is the Hôtel de la Collectivité, a former town hall that has become that of the Collectivité and therefore nowadays the authority of the island, this since July 2007.

-Listed historic monuments and other tourist sites

You will be able to appreciate, during your stay on the island, to see the "Maison Dinzey" (The Brigantine) in Gustavia, one of the rare typical residences survivor of the great fire of 1852, a wonder renovated and maintained by the Honorary Consul of Sweden .

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