The jacuzzi tub : Sizes, Designs and Styles

A balneo bathtub (or outdoor jacuzzi) is a bathtub equipped with several orifices which evacuate and collect hot water with a suction mechanism. The continuous loop present by absorbing and expelling water induces a soft and pleasant massage throughout the body, in addition to a delicious relax produced by the heat, the aromatic salts and the foaming effect of the water.

This massage effect extends the usual use of the conventional bathtub, where from a simple hygiene process, it becomes a sensory and stimulating experience, thanks to the effect of the circulation of pressurized water around the body and of synergy Beautiful heat, bubbles and exquisite aroma that surrounds the spa bath.

Types, sizes and styles

The whirlpool bath has a very varied range of types, sizes and styles, in order to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Regarding the type of bathtub, it is individual and double, recessed and non recessed, etc; and in relation to the form there are: rectangular, round, oval, pentagonal.

The dimensions are basically designed so that the bathtubs can be installed in the average area of ​​the bathrooms, which are usually not very large, and if the customer lives in a building, the non-integrated solution is the right one for this type of housing . The dimensions of the whirlpool bath, in relation to the longest side, on the Hydromassage website, are classified as follows: equal to or less than 1,600 mm and greater than 1,600 mm, for the height they are: equal to or less than 650 mm; those larger than 650mm, manufacturers typically establish this metric as a convention based on standard bathroom measurements.

The styles of whirlpool baths are very varied and avant-garde, ranging from classic rectangular baths to those of the most varied, the most particular and the most different shapes, so that everyone can choose their ideal model of whirlpool bath. Find all your jacuzzis for sale directly at

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