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All the information you need to make the right choices will be available on the website. Facts like, whichboats do you need? Where to find the right yacht or? How to apply for a rental? Boats, whether sailing or motor is very technical. Learn how to use and maintain it.

Recognize types of sailing boats

Learn to recognize it. You see a sailboat coming out of the harbor, but how do you distinguish it? How do you know which boat you are talking about? Helps you in this search so that all sailboats are not just "pretty boats", but by far you can identify them.

Navigation tips

There are many things to discover when you sail in the Mediterranean. Your adventure will be the image of what you have chosen to do.


When maneuvering in a marina where space is limited, wait until your boat is completely still before going into reverse. It often happened to me to see a skipper go in reverse while his boat kept moving, a maneuver that usually ended in a collision or the impossibility of anchoring.

Navigation under a cruise control

When you use a cruise control equipped with your own rudder you know that your boat is well balanced if you do not need to block your bar. If your sails are well adjusted, your boat should be able to progress perfectly under a cruise control without you having to dock the helm.

Boating tips

Summer is fast approaching. Discover our tips to navigate safely and enjoy the pleasures of the sea! Have a nice summer everyone!

To avoid tailgating

It is essential to know his boat and the maritime setting (rocks, shoals). We advise you to know how to use your sonar and consult tide times. The risk of tailgating is higher for sailboats with a large draft. Be careful along the coasts where the seabed is uncertain. It is important to Visit website of band boat so as to know the little contours of boating.

Practice water sports safely

Learn to dive into a club and never practice alone. Always have a crew member who can support you.Be careful, a new maritime rule was put in place on May 1st, 2015 in order to put in consistence the means of relief and communication current (CROSS) with the practicaldirective of the boats according to the zones of navigation.

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