The place to rent your board from this summer !!

Biarritz is one of the French communes that make up the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. It is therefore part of the New-Aquitaine region, located in the south-western part of the country. It is also located in the border zone between Spain and France. Located in the hollow of the Bay of Biscay, a good part of Biarritz is in littoral zone on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It has beautiful beaches that have made its reputation and attract thousands of visitors each year and especially surfers.

Biarritz and surfing

The waves that reach the shores of Biarritz are rather restless. Instead of scaring visitors, they attract them. Indeed, if the beaches are not really very adapted to the other nautical activities like bathing, they allow perfect to make surfboard rental biarritz. This extreme sport has even become one of the flagship activities of this municipality. So along its beaches, there are surf clubs but also clubs that give surfing lessons to beginners and improvements to those who already know how to handle boards. Qualified instructors take care of apprentices.

In addition to surfing, some of these clubs also offer jet ski rental.

Other summer activities in Biarritz

Apart from surfing, you can also do several other activities in this town. Those who are not really interested in the sea can, for example, go hiking, biking or quad biking in the countryside. You can also take golf lessons on a site located between the sea and the Pyrenees chain in Bidard, at the training center at Ilbarritz golf course.

You can also go canoeing, kayaking or rafting in the rivers that crisscross the town. It is even possible to be accompanied by instructors and go to practice sport fishing.

For those who do not like physical activities, they can choose lazing on beaches or even culinary discovery. In Saint-Jean-de-Luz, one can make a wine tasting with other local products such as cheese.

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