Check out the activities of Marineland

The Marineland is a park for marine animals that you can visite when you take a trip to the Antibes. In Antibes there is the strong square to visit, the old Antibes is just magnificent.

Marineland is great

You have to go at 10 am, the time that they give a program of shows that are better to follow but it is such a very full program. The time that you can take lunch time to admire the tunnel of sharks if not, we do not have time. Very busy day but very intense also. Just a little suggestion for not yet take the handset with the small farm or aqua splash that we can enjoy everything in another time, if not we can’t see the best thing. The best time to appreciate the live otaries, dolphins and orcas is in the morning because there are fewer people in the park. The afternoon will then be devoted to museums, sharks, aquariums, penguins or even remake a second show especially about orcas. And most importantly, do not miss the great shows at night with dolphins and orcas.

Your budget to visit Marineland

You can prepare your visit by surfing on and reserve your ticket online too.You have to provide five euros for parking. The restaurants are open but they are too expensive. For example, you have to pay 10 euros for a sandwich, fries, and some drink, maybe it’s not terrible because you are in you comfort in the park. But if you chose to stay for a day, a picnic party is better, that you have to go out and appreciate the area of the Antibes, don’t forget to stamp your hands because you have to get back at night and have a Navy museum. You can make some other pictures to visit the Cannes and their little trip boat, Grasse and his perfume museums, and so else.

In the summer, the region is very touristic, so plans a long journey, even for short distances. Have a good visit !

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