Wine and oenological tourism

Wine and oenological tourism wine or wine tourism, is a sort of enjoyment tourism dependent on the discovery of their productions and wine regions. Wine tourism covers a broad array of detection activities: blossoms, vine and wine channels and techniques, understanding of grape types, terroirs, classes and appellations, gastronomy as well as sports and leisure activities: walks and hikes in deserts, hot air balloon or plane flights, etc.. More informations : . For winegrowers, visits to this property permit them make and to promote the fruit of their work known. Additionally, tastings create local income (just one in ten people leave without needing bought) and traffic, when they return home, frequently buy at a distance. For vacationers, an increasing percentage of them are seeking to present their vacations an extra value concerning discovery, culture, art of living, gastronomy and authenticity. On the other hand, the wines have been sought after as the most genuine expressions of their terroirs. A fantastic introduction for vacationers is made from the woods, then throughout the media, the area, the vat room and eventually the cellar. Considerable tastings enable you to research four or four vintages under the house’s oenologist or owner’s guidance.

The winegrower

France is also the know-how of its producers and a nation. The winegrower has to know the land that he cultivates perfectly. Depending upon its composition, exposure to the sun and its overall environment, it grows grasses, which it must know perfectly in order to estimate the ideal period of crop: the crop. It is a profession of experience, in which know-how requires years of apprenticeship before sparking a vineyard. The winegrower could be regarded as a farmer specialized in wine and vines production. His vines to guarantee superior wine production are always cultivated and appears after by him. Depending upon the area, the wine may be more or less renowned and carries different types. The winegrower can thus be owner or a renter of the vines. Its objective is to build or produce the reputation of its wines and the winegrowers’ assignments comprise harvesting, maintenance and bottling. We offer you a Wine tasting trip, to discover the vineyards. The winegrowers that are independent are accountable for marketing their products. They take part in several national fairs and competitions, appointments and have to lead meetings that are tasting. The winegrower, for his character, stays focused on working the vines and specializes.

AOC : a label that identifies a product

The appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) is a label that identifies a product whose manufacturing stages (manufacturing and processing) are carried out in exactly the same geographic region and based on recognised know-how. If we are accustomed to hearing the term Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC), then it is since it’s the assurance of some recognized know-how of our areas by promoting French agricultural products. Has become a reference for customers. It’s simply delivered to particular products (nearly 3000 goods have been recognized thus far ) whose manufacturing phases have been carried out in the identical geographic area, guaranteeing the standard of a neighborhood product which has retained its attributes and identity, as well as improving the value to the farmer who preserves his know-how and also the name of his merchandise by these titles.

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