Driving a boat

Driving a boat of over six horses necessitates obtaining the boat license. To obtain this one, an individual must be confessed to a theoretical evaluation and, in some cases, to a practical examination. Exercise is not easy. Discover more informations : bluewateryachting.com .Between boaters, fishing boats, recreational equipment and merchant ships, the ocean is to get everyone. To organize the free flow of marine navigation and the safety of people on board, the navigation code recalls the essential rules.

What is the coastal permit?

The coastal licence is the most common and the one that is systematically requested for a summer boat rental for example. This coastal permit replaces the ex-sea map since 2008. As its title indicates, the coastal permit is intended for navigation close to the coast. It can sail up to six miles from a refuge, day and night. Motor boats, the engine cannot exceed 50 horsepower. For more informations about luxury yacht charter french riviera, contact a professionnal. The offshore permit is a permit that has been set up for two purposes. Validate navigation on a high-powered vessel and in navigation areas much further away than the previous 6 kilometres. Thus, the offshore permit, sometimes called a "wide open" licence, no longer sets certain limits in terms of power or distance from the shore or shelters. It allows you to go anywhere at sea, which will require a very complete understanding of nautical charts, maps and weather reports. and different ideas for navigating the high seas. It is important to know that the offshore licence follows the coastal permit, which is the minimum basis.

Comply with the rules at sea

A licence also means the law to be respected and sanctions in the event of non-compliance. The offences committed vary from one hierarchy to another, some of which may go before the temporary suspension or even the closure of the licence. This is fundamentally true in the case of excessive speed errors, considerable negligence or even drunk driving. Class 1 to 5 fines: They punish the failure to present their compulsory titles up to serious details such as failure to respect their capacities related to the licence, or the absence of this licence.

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