Driving a motorized machine at sea 

The operation of a motorized machine at sea is subject to rules and to obtaining a permit establishing the identification of the knowledge acquired and the understanding of the driver's abilities. More informations : https://superyacht-icon.com/ . On the water, there are also specific features related to the power of these vessels, but in addition to the navigation space on the property. For this reason, there is a different boat licence. The prerequisite for all is that the minimum age. The examination requires that the code be put before the technical and practical part. This code makes it possible to know and master all the rules at sea, to understand the different beacons and the meaning of all the signs.

How to obtain a boat license?

The coastal licence, which is part of the offshore licence, is also a permit for the ocean. It is intended for sailors wishing to manoeuvre boats night and day, with a total driving power of more than 4.5 kW (6 hp). Unlike the nautical chart, the coastal licence allows the navigation of vessels equipped with engines over 37 kW (50 hp). For your holidays, discover yacht charter western Mediterranean . This so-called "coastal" licence is intended for local navigation. It allows navigation only up to a maximum of 6 miles by a refuge. The offshore licence, also known as an offshore expansion, is part of the coastal licence for his or her offshore licence. Course, without limitation of power, nor of boat duration and especially without restriction of refuge elimination. Obtaining it implies having previously obtained the coastal permit.

Safety at sea

The vessel's licence may be withdrawn permanently or permanently. In the event of permanent withdrawal, it will then be three weeks before applying again to qualify for the ship's permit. Navigation at sea is subject to a number of rules and traditions acquired in the process of obtaining permits, which can be codified and contained in various publications. Their understanding and monitoring is obviously necessary during any sea trip. The obligation and safety of boaters are at stake.

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