Find an appartment everywhere in the world !

Finding an apartment for rent for the holidays is not always easy. If, in addition, you are looking abroad, it is even more complicated. Fortunately, the internet is there to facilitate your searches.

Find an apartment anywhere in the world

The sites of seasonal rental between individuals have multiplied in recent years, with a success that does not deny. The formula makes it possible to realize up to 50% saving compared to the classic hotel. And the offer is growing steadily: hundreds of thousands of apartments are accessible all over the world.
Are you looking for a beachfront house or an overseas apartment in July and August? Different formulas are available to you. The most economical way is to go through simple ad sites but they do not intervene in transactions and rely on trust. To ensure the seriousness of an ad, the first reflex is therefore to monitor the ratings of Internet users.
You also have collaborative platforms that connect individuals, on one side the hosts and on the other, the guests.
Some sites also act as intermediaries between owners and tenants. And they are genuine real estate agencies on line taking charge of A to Z rental management on behalf of the lessors.

The importance of the lease

In any case, do not forget two imperatives. Consider bordering the transaction with a contract. This document - which is not always systematically proposed - makes it possible to clarify the obligations of both parties (rental price, details of benefits, tenure) and will have legal value in the event of a dispute. Also check if your insurance covers you. Some housing contracts include a holiday clause that insures you abroad. If this is not the case, ask for a warranty extension.


To find the apartment of your dreams, anywhere in the world, check out a vacation rental listing site. You will find there many websites specializing in "seasonal rental", also many advices.

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