Would you be interested in underwater holidays?

On our beautiful blue planet, there are many scuba diving spots. Better, there are all over the globe! And if you are a scuba diving enthusiast, you just have to choose the continent where you dream to go, and spot the dive sites. You will be delighted to discover both a new region of the world and to give free rein to your passion. For beginners, the curious, and for those who want to learn scuba diving, there are also many possibilities, supervised by professional divers. To discover the wonderful world of underwater life across the blue planet, check out spotmydive.com.

Holidays to discover scuba diving

Many people perform their diving baptism while on vacation abroad, usually in tropical and exotic destinations. For example, in Asia, Indonesia, Oceania (French Polynesia), the Indian Ocean, etc. Often, tourists do not specifically plan to go to a dive spot to discover the beauties of underwater life. They also make their first dive with the offers offered locally. The marine world deserves better than a simple diving session made by the means of the board. Even if the rules of safety are respected in scuba diving clubs, whatever your destination, it often happens that the first discovery of the marine world is made by too many people or in too short a time. For your diving baptism, or because it's your passion, get ready to go for a diving spot.

French Polynesia, the best place for amateur scuba diving

If you wish to discover the underwater world, go to French Polynesia: Bora-Bora, the Tuamotu archipelago, the Society Islands and Tahiti ... Paradise of big fishes, Tahiti and the other islands of the Society are a mythical place that makes many diver's dream. The diversity of the coral domain offers shelter to complete fauna and animals of varying sizes, shapes and colors, making these islands an ideal site for diving.

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