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Helicopter flight and training

Offer yourself a helicopter trip to the region you love. Rediscover the region's monuments, childhood landscapes or picturesque villages from the atmosphere. The briefing is finished once the demonstration of the aircraft is completed, the training pilot will equip you. Contact Blueberry Aviation for more informations. Get in the helicopter's cockpit and take off for a moment. The sensations of a helicopter flight are incomparable and allow you to escape for the duration of a flight.

Travel and first flight in a fighter plane

A first flight in a fighter plane is unique in France! Simply saying that this sentence is an adrenaline rush. When your boards are exceptional, combat aircraft are the fastest machines with the sensations you feel. Discover . Fighter flight begins with a presentation on the tools essential for safety and manoeuvring. It is then the beginning of your journey in a fighter plane for years of memories, and about half an hour!

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